Hail Damage Repair
Living in Colorado, severe weather is a part of every day life. Summer and Fall are prime times for hail storms, and at Rowley’s we understand hail damage better than anyone. Even the most severely damaged hail vehicle will be repaired in 3 days or less. We work directly with your insurance company to get your vehicle properly estimated, and parts ordered before you drop your vehicle off. Once you leave it with us, we immediately begin repairs, often minutes after we receive it. Gone are the days of waiting weeks, or even a month or more for hail repairs.

Bumper Repair
Many shops will want to replace damaged bumper covers, but using advanced repair methods, we are able to save many covers. This saves you both time and money. Scratched, dented, torn, and scuffed bumper covers can easily be repaired, ensuring that factory cameras and sensors work properly, versus replacing with an ill-fitting aftermarket part.

Glass Work

Paint/Small Accident Repair
We try our best to repair your damage without painting, but since that isn’t always possible, Rowley’s has invested state of the art technology that will best replicate your factory finish. Utilizing a gas catalytic infrared paint drying system, and using the latest and greatest paint matching cameras, we can repair those panels that need paint work better than anyone. Our systems also allow us complete this work exceptionally fast as well. Small paint repairs can be in and out in less than one day!

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